Will Obamacare Result in Fewer People with Health Care Insurance?

  • Yes it will.

    Obamacare will result in fewer people with health care insurance because the changes made it very expensive and took away a lot of the free health care that people had available before. Now they are making us pay more for insurance when most of us are struggling to pay for food.

  • Obamacare will result in fewer people with Health Care Insurance.

    Obamacare will result in fewer people with Health Care Insurance. There are still a lot of unemployed people in this bad economy who can not afford health care insurance. By forcing people to have insurance will hurt a lot of families and businesses in the long term because they will not have the extra cash to shop with and still struggle to feed their families.

  • No, now more have health insurance.

    That sounds like a really ridiculous question because the affordable care act was begun so that more people could have high quality health care insurance. I myself know several people who would not have been able to afford the coverage they now have but now are covered quite well because of Obamacare.

  • No I don't see that happening

    I don't see there being fewer people with health insurance as a result of Obama care. There should be more people with insurance. What you will see is more people with less coverage but higher pays then previous. So more people with health insurance but the overall quality will be way down.

  • No it won't

    Obamacare will not result in fewer people with health care. It forces people to get healthcare of they will be fined. I think the real problem is that people will not get the health care that they want or deserve. Many peoples health care plans have gone up tremendously and people are unhappy with their quality of care.

  • More Will Have Health Care

    Obamacare will result in far more people having health insurance. For states that thought enough of their people to expand Medicaid, many more people will qualify for free health insurance, which is significant. Secondly, Obamacare stopped insurer's from blocking people because of pre-determined conditions, essentially leaving huge loop holes in old policies. So there are many people who wanted insurance and could have afford it, if not for previous diagnosis. These people will gladly pay for the policies now available to them.

  • No, obamacare will allow people better resource to choose health care insurance.

    Obamacare puts the discussion of health care in the minds of average Americans. Even if it does nothing else, that is important. Now Americans are more conscious of needing health care. Obamacare will also allow people more information about health care and why and how to choose it. While there are imperfections, this is certainly better than nothing.

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