• Yes, we will pay less for prescription drugs.

    For those who have high drug expenditures, both young and old, a fifty-percent discount is better than nothing. With Obama's Healthcare law, brand name drugs will be fifty-percent less and generic versions of those drugs will be fourteen-percent less. By working to close the donut hole, Obama is working to save taxpayers money.

  • It may save your life, which is more important than money.

    I'm so glad to live in a country where everybody can afford a doctor (Germany).
    Maybe rich people will lose some money, but most of you will profit from having an insurance. Here you have to pay according to your income. If you don't have a job, the state will pay for you. "Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity" Federal german law, Art. 2, section 2. Imagine getting cancer, diabetes or obesity, which are really serious problems in the US, you will get medical assistance and meds, even if you coudn't afford the full price.

  • In the long run, yes.

    The government's health plan will lower the rates of co pay and prescriptions so that everyone will be able to afford the medication that they need. With the skyrocketing prices in the pharmaceutical industry, there are many people in the United States who cannot afford their medication within their means without considering other important aspects of life--food and clothes for example. Without insurance, these medications and doctor's visits are too expensive for most citizens. Everyone deserves the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and that can be best achieved through The Health Care for America Plan.

  • Yes..... Ugh... Yes!

    People just lie all the time. So many people that hate Obama have made up so much nonsense about the ACA that I really can't believe it. One side is saying that the laws are not perfect, and that we will need to work on them, but they are a good start. The other side is saying all this stuff about death panels, and the end of American freedom, and socialism, and fascism, and government takeovers, and everything else that they can think of.

    I wont listen to that anymore. There is a website now. I've been looking at it, and it looks like everyone might save something with it. That is just the truth.

  • Yes, It Will Save Money

    Obamacare will save money for everyone as a whole. Because of the way it is set up, it may cost some individuals more in the short run, but as it becomes more established, it will save the tax payers a lot of money all together. Insurance companies will now have to compete for business which will drive prices down.

  • If you don't work at all than yes, not for the people who work

    Obamacare is like public education, all the people who make over a certain amount of money have to pay taxes that fund it, everyone can use it even those who already paid for a better health insurance, and the service isn't even quality, so if you are part of the 47% than yes it saves you money, but for the 53% who do pay taxes and work, than no, you are paying more for nothing.

  • No, it will cost them more

    There is no doubt that Obamacare will be more expensive than current health insurance. First of all, we are required to pay for the coverage of lower income people who can't afford it, which obviously is free nor cheap. Also, many people in the medical field disapprove of it and also less prospective doctors will be wanting to go to med school. The combination of paying for the insurance of low income people and the fact that there will be less doctors is screaming for an expensive disaster.

  • No such thing as a free lunch

    The government is INSISTING that we have more health care. The free market will find a way to raise costs. You will not be successful at enslaving doctors and nurses to work for peanuts. The only way costs EVER go down in the long run is through innovation and competition, both of which are discouraged with heavy regulation.

  • No it won't

    ObamaCare is one of the many ways the Obama administration is trying to make our country another socialist nation like some countries in Europe. He tends to forget that freedom made our country strong. Liberals say they are pro choice but they aren't. Lightbulbs, guns, tobacco, big soda drinks and healthcare are just a few things that liberals want to be in control of. Our current president thinks he knows what is best for us all.

  • Not helping the workers...

    Why do people think that taxing the heck out of working people to support those who don't work is a good idea? Why would someone support a bill NO ONE read before they passed it? What is wrong with America today? This healthcare bill is not a good idea! We need thinkers and innovators to lower cost and make healthcare the pinnacle of society. Competition is the key to keeping anything cheaper and innovation is the key to keeping things quality.

  • Not for 1,200,000 Ohioans

    I am in a group that has 1.2 million policy holders in Ohio. Our premiums are slated to skyrocket in the next 4 years. My group cannot opt out of our coverage either. Obamacare also contain 21 hidden taxes on things not remotely tied to healthcare. It is a smokescreen for providing revenue to a bankrupt government.

  • It will not.

    Many people who voted for Obama-Care did not even know what it was. I don't know much, because I'm only 14, but I enjoy putting my opinion out there! Many people voted for Obama-Care thinking they would get free health care. It's sad to say, but many people also don't even know that the affordable healthcare act is the same thing. Obama-Care will be devastating to small businesses, because the law now states that businesses must buy healthcare for full-time employees, or pay a fine. Because of this, people are ether not hiring full time jobs or just paying the fine, witch is cheaper than getting the actual thing! Because many people are just paying the cheaper fine, the gov can't afford to pay the benefits to the people who actually do sign up for the Affordable Healthcare Act.

  • Not at all

    They're now redefining medical terms (most notably what counts as "cancer") so that not as many patients will be covered. Their plan is to reduce the number of people suffering from cancer not from preventive measures or better care, but excluding who is able to count as having "real cancer". If you don't count, your tests aren't covered the same. Not completely related, but it's worth the mention; there has to be a reason that the people who wrote and passed the bill excluded themselves from it, including Obama himself.

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