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  • Obamacare is a Disaster

    Obamacare will not sign up enough healthy and young people to succeed because those people do not feel like they need health insurance. They also do not want to spend the money to purchase Obamacare. The young people also have a hard time trusting the government and signing up for the care.

  • States Are Not Helping

    I believe Obamacare has a high chance of failing because states are not cooperating by passing bills that allow Medicaid expansion. For the most part, I believe many young and healthy people will sign up because it makes health insurance easily accessible while also taking a lot of the disadvantages of health care out of the picture. However, the system still makes it impossible for a lot of low income families to obtain health care as the bill promises.

  • They can't afford it.

    No, Obamacare will not sign up enough young and healthy people to succeed because young people cannot afford to be supplementing the costs of the old. Young people already pay enough for car insurance, with low-paying jobs. Young people have seen the price of Obamacare, and they have decided to pay the penalty instead of sign up for coverage.

  • Young and healthy people are either hungry or already covered under non-Obamacare plans.

    Obamacare will not sign up enough young and healthy people to succeed. This is because the youthful population in America is still struggling to find work. In addition, many are in college and cannot afford to pay for health care by themselves. Other college students are already covered by their parents until the age of 26 or have college-sponsored healthcare plans.

  • Its clear they won't

    It's already clear that Obamacare will not sign up enough young people, and this can be gleaned from the press stance on it now. There was never talk about not getting enough young people to sign up until young people actually were shown not be signing up - then the narrative changed away.

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