Will Obamacare Worsen the Primary Physician Shortage?

  • Very likely so

    Yes, it is very likely to happen. I have already observed three cases of doctors who had their own, private practice, sell it to a bigger hospital. This is because the new rules under Obamacare are not in favor of doctors. Running their business has become more difficult. I suspect many people who would want to become doctors might pick a different career now.

  • Yes, because it doesn't pay enough.

    Yes, Obamacare will worsen the primary physician shortage, because Medicare payments are already not enough for physicians to accept. Obamacare will make more people seek medical treatment because they all get free preventative services. With more demand, there needs to be an increase in supply. Because there are only so many doctors, there will be a shortage.

  • Yes it will make it worse

    I think that Obamacare will worsen the Primary Physiscian Shortage because it is putting more rules and regulations on the health care system in the wrong areas. Obamacare is taking away peoples right to choose what doctor they want to see and where. People are offered only a few options and this will affect physicians and their practices.

  • Obamacare will not worsen the primary physician shortage.

    Obamacare will not worsen the primary physician shortage. If anything it will try to fill these jobs and hopefully keep more doctors on staff. Obamacare is trying to be the only health insurance that anyone will ever need and so far it is helping the people that cannot usually afford health insurance.

  • Obama care will not worsen the Primary Physician Shortage

    Obama care will not worsen the Primary Physician Shortage. Even though millions have already signed up for Obama Care, the Physician shortage will not happen because with the care more jobs will be oppened for physicians and doctors with licenses. At the moment there might be a shortage, but within a year or two the shortage will not be in place anymore as more doctors will be needed.

  • No it won't.

    Obamacare really makes it easier for people to go see primary care physicians instead of having to go to the hospital for every little thing. It encourages people to go see a regular doctor to save money and to not have to pay so much out of pocket. I think it will help.

  • No, it will not worsen the primary physician shortage.

    Obamacare will assist in the primary physician shortage. Once everyone gets health care we will definitely need a few more doctors which is outstanding for students that are currently in medical school. This will afford them the opportunity to open their own practices as soon as they graduate creating jobs for many people.

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