Will Obamacare's birth control mandate reduce the abortion rate?

  • More Birth Control Options, Less Abortions

    Modern birth control methods and education should obviate the need for abortions whatsoever. Although that's not the case, the Affordable Care Act should reduce the number of abortions in America. Free birth control and better access to birth control for women, in today's male-dominated society, should make life easier for women who don't want to be pregnant.

  • Yes, the birth control mandate in Obamacare would reduce the rate of abortion.

    Being on birth control, which if used perfectly provides a 0.1% chance of pregnancy, would decrease the abortion rate. Sometimes, a condom or the pull-out method aren't enough, and not everyone is willing to be abstinent. If women were more easily able to get birth control, the amount of unplanned pregnancy would decrease, which would also decrease the amount of women who would choose to have an abortion in the case of an unplanned, or unwanted pregnancy.

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