• Eventually, Populace Will Get Healthier

    The Affordable Care Act of 2010 will work eventually when health care prices come down. Any change that is worth doing doesn't happen overnight. When more people have health insurance, policies will get cheaper with the law of supply and demand--there will be plenty of supply and not as much demand. Insurance companies will make more money. When Americans get healthier, they will spend less money to fix their bodies later in life.

  • Yes, Obama's healthcare reform will pave the way toward a public option.

    Obama's health care reform is the first step toward a public option for the United States. Although the reform is imperfect in its current incarnation, it will continually be improved as Medicare expands, more competition is introduced to the marketplace and Americans will have similar affordable health care to people in other developed countries.

  • Obama's Health Care Reform Will Not Work

    No, President Obama's health care reform, known colloquially as Obamacare, will not work as it was not enough of an overhaul of the United States' health care system. Too many of the same national players are still in place, and too much money is still funneled to the same big businesses.

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