Will Obama's inaugural address change the political conversation?

  • Political Conversation Will Not Change Based on Obama's Inaugural Address

    Though many may believe that Obama's inaugural address may change the political conversation, I would have to disagree. There are many issues at hand and I have to believe these issues will remain the main target of any political conversation over the up coming 4 years of President Obama's term.

  • The actual political realities will not change much.

    Obama's inaugural address, though it was far from a bland and austere affair, will nevertheless do nothing to break the political deadlock in congress and across America as a whole. The fact is that the Republican congressman in the House were not elected by fans of the President's inaugural celebration committee, and they have no choice but to remain stalwart in their opposition to any new policy changes.

  • No, both sides are unwilling to actually listen to the opposition.

    Unfortunately, we've reached a point in our political discourse where party politics have taken over. Obama may raise some important points in his speech, but no Republicans will be able to admit this. The potential for party backlash is too great. The same would be true of Democrats if we had a Republican president.

  • NO

    It will not change the political conversation at all, and I am quite sure of this. The reason for this is simply that we have a President that is coming in for a second term.

    This inaugural address is really little more than a formality that is dictated by legal obligation. It is highly likely that his inaugural address will be nothing more than a rehashing of the same talk that has been coming out of the Oval Office for the last few months. It will be nothing new.

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