• Well, they won't fail, at least.

    I think that Obama's myRA accounts will be as successful as most of his other large-scale initiatives. Which is to say, they'll be better than the Republican shriekers want them to be, but not as good as they could have been due to Congressional interference. But we'll just have to wait and see.

  • Yes, I believe that the myRA retirement accounts will be successful.

    I believe that the myRA retirement accounts are vitally important to our nation's economy in the future. This program will be successful in ensuring the financial stability of retirement age individuals in the future because it will give those individuals without employer-sponsored retirement accounts an accessible and affordable option for securing their retirement.

  • Convenient and Cheap

    With fewer restrictions than most retirement plans, the myRA retirement accounts will be successful. Being able to withdraw money from the account at no cost, contributing freely and directly, and no account fees are all reasons the plan is sure to work. People who are either unemployed or don't qualify for benefits with their employer will be able to have their own retirement account. Also, for those who switch jobs, the penalty that comes with withdrawing your already saved amount or the hassle that comes with transferring to a new employee retirement account is no more.

  • No way, no how...

    Most people aren't able to successfully maintain a 401k without dipping into it, so why would a MyRA be any different? The only possibility of success is that it will run like social security and be untouchable until a certain age. Only then will the average American be able to use it with a positive outcome. But that's not how these instruments traditionally work.

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