• Obama's New Methods Better?

    I don't expect Obama's new methods to be any better than before. Actually it depends on how one views the methods. The way that his methods would reflect on my opinion may be totally different than others. We all learn from experiences or mistakes and who's to say what Obama has really learned during his first term We will all just have to wait and see.

  • They Will be Better

    President Obama is in his second term now. He is getting better as a leader, so I believe that his new methods will be better this time around. He has more experience as a president and has learned from his previous mistakes. The new methods will most definitely be better.

  • Yes, he's evolving as a leader

    Yes, President Obama is constantly evolving as a leader and refining how he does thing. He spent his first four years fighting against lots of push back. Now that he knows what he's up against, and now that he doesn't have to worry about getting re-elected, I think that he will be able to employ new methods and these methods will be more effective.

  • I hope so, but doubt it very seriously.

    President Obama has nothing to loose, which can either make him an amazing leader or a worthless leader. He will go down in history books as a significant leader not only for his race but his international policy, relation, and respect of the American people. I fear that he has nothing to loose and views that also as nothing to gain and these 'new methods' are nothing more than a new title on an old trick.

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