• Yes, Obama's new student loan relief plan will be effective up to a point

    As the old saying goes, something is better than nothing. Obama's student loan relief plan does at least take some substantial measures to help relieve the burden of graduated students struggling to make loan payments, many of whom are struggling to find gainful employment at all. That said, this relief plan still doesn't change the basic systemic problem: that college tuition has ballooned all out of reasonable proportion, and that students are forced to borrow huge sums and often with little guarantee of a stable career when they graduate.

  • Yes, Obama's new student loan relief plan will work.

    Many young people come out of college with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and a middling education. There certainly needs to be more student loan forgiveness. Addressing the underlying problem of the cost of education is even more important. Colleges are the new HMO's in that they charge in arm and leg and they are something you "have" to have.

  • If it's too good to be true, it usually is.

    The millions of college student who support this student relief scam proves that our college are pumping out idiots into the world. It's basic logic that you can't make debt disappear like magic. If Obama had that kinda power, the national debt would be ZERO! Wake up and smell reality.

  • Obama's new student loan relief plan will not be effective.

    The new student loan relief plan that President Obama recently introduced is a bad idea. The relief plan opens the door to straight out loan forgiveness. This program is ripe to be taken advantage upon by unscrupulous people. The general public will end up paying off student loans that have been "forgiven".

  • Student loans will still be due

    Doesn't matter if the student loan is paid today or relief is given to pay later. The idea behind Obama's new student loan relief plan is flawed in many ways, but most importantly it is the idea that time will give anyone a break. The constant debt load hanging over someone's head is a tough responsibility so adding a few more years might not be the answer.

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