Will Obama's plan to enforce oil market regulations lower gas prices?

  • YES!

    Yes, Obama’s plan to enforce oil market regulations should lower gas prices or at least keep them from becoming artificially inflated. One of the biggest causes of high gas prices is commodity futures traders driving up the crude oil prices artificially. If speculation can be controlled and/or limited, we can keep the price of crude oil futures from being driven up in such huge amounts for virtually no reason. This should at least make the price of gas stable, if not lower, and less prone to such huge fluctuations.

  • No, but that's not the point.

    No, the regulations of the oil market probably won't lower gas prices, and, in fact, they'll probably rise- as the costs of many things do under government regulation. But the effort is being made to create safer and more naturally sound oil drilling, as well as to promote use of other, cleaner energies.

  • Free Market Determines Prices, Not Government Regs

    The Obama administration can try to regulate the oil industry, but it won't create lower gas prices. A free market system controls oil prices. Only until the United States achieves energy independence will Americans see lower gas prices. Until we rely less on Arab countries for gas, the price of gasoline will stay above $3 a gallon. A balance of fuel efficiency, more domestic drilling and biofuels is what is needed to reduce gas prices permanently.

  • No Obama's plan won't lower gas prices

    Gas prices have been going up routinely since at least the 1970's. I don't see that changing now or in the foreseeable future. There is too much profit in the big oil cartels to lower prices, or lower much of anything else for that matter. It will never happen. So long as they can keep nickel and diming us to death, they will do it. They have us enslaved to gasoline, they know it and are, and will continue to take full advantage of that.

  • No it is not a good plan.

    Obama's plan to regulate oil prices will not work because nobody wants to lose money so the oil companies will probably not listen. And if it could've been done before it would have been done. Nobody likes to lose money so the oil companies wanting this regulation to happen is very rare. I am not optimistic about lowering gas prices I've lost hope.

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