Will Obama's plans to reform surveillance restore the public trust?

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  • No it is the New World Order

    He wants this surveillance to take away our rights, Barack Obama is a Reptilian Humanoid, He is also a CIA agent and is illuminati, he wants to take away our rights slowly and slowly until world war 3 when he hides underground and then comes out after the nuclear holocaust and then microchips the population left and turns them into robot slaves and then takes over the world with his New World Order!!!!!!!! That is the agenda!!!!!!

  • Obama has done nothing since election

    I personally don't care about the NSA surveillance issue but I don't think Obama could ever restore trust in the American people. He has a 43% approval rating and has done nothing since he was elected. He's full of empty promises and lies, and we know it. Obama will most likely avoid the question and just wait it out

  • No and heck no!

    The problem with his "plans" is that the only purpose is to restore the public trust, not to actually reform surveillance. As long as the public trusts the government there will be no limit on the surveillance activities of the government.

    9/11 happened because of 3 government policies, none of which had anything to do with the inability to spy. They are:

    1) Government policy was to let hijackers have their way and not resist.
    2) Government policy was to grant Saudi nationals visas just for the asking.
    3) Government policy was and is to not worry about people here on expired visas.

  • I need more info to judge.

    I do not know all o f the fact, but I have doubts because President Obama continued many Bush Jr. Policies, making him quite the hypocrite. It is hypocritical to whine about a certain action, then do it yourself. That is why I say this. I do not hate him though.

  • Not no. HELL no.

    Nothing obama does is for the benefit of this country. He is a charlatan; a community organizer cum half term senator cum installed puppet president.

    Listen. The guy takes more vacations and breaks than any other president I've ever seen. And I've seen every president from Eisenhower to the $#it head we have in the office now. You think he actually works? No. He signs off on everything submitted by George Soros, gives dopey speeches that are all repeats of his other speeches and poof! Off on another half billion dollar vacation.

    I've seen presidents that I've disagreed with, those that I've actually disliked personally, and those that were merely the lesser of two evils for whom to vote. This guy? A pariah who has sullied the highest office of the once greatest nation in the world. I wouldn't bring a bucket of water if he and his family were set on fire!

    He has nothing but mayhem intended for this nation and his minions of glazed over wide eyed sheeple just love him to death and would vote him emperor for life if they could. If soros and the bilderbergs have their way, they will be able to install him in that position when we are befallen with the NWO. America is screwed blue and tattooed because of this guy and unless he is removed from office in shame their plan will be implemented fully. It's been incrementally put into action for the last 5 years.

  • No, it will not.

    I don't think anyone believes anything Obama says anymore. He's shown himself to be a bald-faced liar so many times, you have to be completely clueless to put stock in his word. Even if he actually means to change something, if his "reform" of surveillance is half as bad as his "reform" of healthcare, we'll be living in the USSR before 2016. I hope he keeps his "reforms" to himself and sticks to involving himself in petty "beer summits" and pit bull rescues.

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