Will Obama's second inauguration speech go down in history?

  • Yes, for being a progressive speech.

    It was the first inaugural address to explicitly mention the word "gay" and to call for gay rights. That is historic in and of itself. However, the overall speech was well-crafted and painted a progressive vision for an America that people will be able to look back upon. He was unashamed to present his ideas and share what he believed but was still respectful in calling everyone to act.

  • Obama's Inauguration Speech Has a Place in History

    Obama's inauguration speech will certainly go down in history. Today, more than ever, the speeches of the presidents are set to history. There doesn't seem to be any selection of which or who's speeches make it into history anymore. This one will make it there as will his last and those of many past president's speeches whether is be an inauguration speech or other.

  • Yes, it will

    Of course it will, it is the second inauguration speech of the nation's first black president. All presidential inaugurations are important to the country's history and this one is no different. He said many things that further won people to his side and cemented his spot as a president worthy of a second term.

  • Obama's Second Inaugural Speech Makes History

    I believe that Barack Obama's second inaugural speech, delivered on Martin Luther King Day 2013, is historical because it forecasts a future world of equality, not unlike his inspiration, Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. The speech recognizes the new equality of women in powerful positions, all races and nationalities with the same opportunity, and true equality for the private choices of gay men and women.

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