Will Obama's second term be better than his first?

  • It will be

    He's going to be less willing to cater to things he doesn't agree with this time. With no re-election to worry about, he can start pushing what he wants with more authority and possibly actually get some things accomplished. It will still be extremely difficult, but not impossible like it was his first term.

  • He Learned From His Mistakes

    I truly believe that Barack Obama's second term as the President of this country will be better than the first. He did a decent job considering the circumstances last time, but I think he will do better this time around. He made some mistakes and I believe he learned from them.

  • Yes, things are looking up.

    The economy is improving and the public is realizing that Congress is really to blame for many of the problems facing the country today. With this in mind, it seems that Obama's second term will certainly be better as he will be able to carry out his campaign promises are start to push the country in a better direction.

  • LOL

    Alright I don't know where to begin. First, I am NOT a Republican, I am a libertarian. I see clearly that Barack Obama has continued EVERY policy that Bush pursued, and has not pushed for peace, has not pushed for transparency in his administration, and has not done anything to attack our core monetary problems. If you think this man is any different from Bush you are delusional, and we need a President who will finally do what he says he will.

  • In terms of his agenda, yes. In terms of the betterment of the country, absolutely not.

    Obama's first term showed strong evidence that the president didn't care about the rules laid out in the constitution, but during the last few weeks it is very clear that this is going very bad, very fast. While many look at the fact that he doesn't need to worry about re-election as a good thing, I view it as an open door to tyranny, due to his history of strictly voting against the constitution. As he votes for the National Defense Authorization Act, and the limiting of our 2nd Amendment, he is killing Liberty and freedom. The shocking thing is, this is the first US president to attempt to kill liberty with a round of applause from the public. Thankfully, some have seen the direction that we're headed towards, and have refused to give up their firearms, sheriffs are refusing to follow federal law, etc. With more of that type of action, regardless of how hard the president tries, he will never overthrow the republic. Instead, if Obama's blatant attack on liberty continues, I have a good feeling that the Republic will rise, fight for their rights (whether it be diplomatically or physically), and the people will win, bringing back freedom, liberty, and prosperity. Then again, one can only hope.

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