Will Obama's second term be different than his first?

  • Yes it will.

    Obama's second term will be different that his first, just like it is with all presidents who get a second term. They do no have to worry about getting re-elected, so they can focus more on what they feel is better for the United States instead of making sure they get re-elected.

  • Every Second Term is Different from the First

    Every president's second term is different from the first term no matter what. Barack Obama has nothing to lose by sticking to his guns during his second term because he can't be re-elected. It's Congress that has dropped the ball in this instance. Obama is trying to do the best he can, but too many elements in the House and Senate won't let progress be made.

  • Of course it will be

    He doesn't have to worry about re-election and can do things the general public would consider unpopular. We have already seen this with how Obama saw multiple mass shootings in his first term and never tried to attack the second amendment. Then Sandy Hook, the first mass shooting after his re-election, happened, and Obama immediately decided it was time to rethink "common sense" gun control.

  • A Change Will Do You Good

    Yes I believe that Obama's second term will be different than his first in that it will be even better. Presidents can do more of what they want to in their second term since they are not worried about every thing they do effecting their reelection. He has been there a while and is more comfortable in his position and I thing good changes will be made this term.

  • Yes, it will be

    It will definitely be different. Generally, the second term in office is when everything gets laid out. The president no longer needs to worry about being re-elected and can let his guard down a little while he pushes things on his platform that could have potentially held him back from being elected again.

  • Obama Brings a Brand New Vigor to His Second Term

    Barack Obama's revolutionary first term in office marked a change in government that many active citizens seem to forget. As the first black president, Obama has suffered ridicule, mistrust, and slander throughout his first term, a response to his presidency he certainly anticipated. I strongly believe that Obama felt the pressure to remain as agreeable as possible in a divided government, to ensure election to a second term.

    Now that Obama is serving his second and last term in office, I expect him to bring a liberal agenda to the white house that will be resisted, but is gravely needed. Our country cannot grow and flourish with the type of division that we are seeing inside and out of the white house. By reminding each and every citizen of America that they are important no matter their race, gender, or net worth, I believe we will start to see a union within the country that will pack a force strong enough to advance this country forward.

  • It Will Be Better

    Barack Obama's second term will be better. He has more experience now that the first term is behind him and he will be even better this time around. Obama has learned from his mistakes and seen what he succeeded at in his first term. Due to this, he will have a very successful second term as the president of the United States.

  • Its hasn't seemed to be

    Obama's second term doesn't seem like it has been much different than the first, even if the world has changed around the administration. While I personally started out optimistic, in reality, the status quo has in no way been changed from what it was; there's been little actually meaningful change during Obama's presidency, though this is less the fault of the man himself, and more to do with the government as a whole.

  • No worse then the first

    I think Obama's second term will be worse then the first, and the first was pretty bad. Obama has his own agenda and doesn't seem to care much about what the nation really needs. During his first term he at least had to be wary since he needed votes for a second. Now he is free to do what he wants.

  • The more things change, they still the same.

    I don't really see President Obama's second term being much different, if at all, from his first. He really hasn't brought much to the table, in my opinion, and has seemed to upset a lot of American, and rightfully so. I simply do not see much changing for the better during his second term.

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