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  • No

    No, in fact I see it getting worse. All his plans and cares are leading to bigger debt and is not helping this economy at all. With him pushing new laws and plans, I just don't see how his second term is or is going to be in any way successful

  • No, a split Congress will prevent significant change

    Obama will likely be inhibited by the fact that the House and the Senate are ruled by opposing parties, making it difficult for legislation to pass. Every piece of legislation that does pass will be withered down and less likely to be effective. Leaders in Congress today too frequently vote along party lines instead of by their heart and the opinions of those in their constituency.

  • Probably Not.

    Obama really has nothing to gain through this term that he already does not have. He has already earned the Nobel Peace Prize, become the first African American President, and altered the racial norm for politicians leading our country.

    While I hope that I am wrong in this ideology, I am fearful that I am accurate.

  • No, congress will hold him back

    With the fact republicans have control of the house anything he attempts to do will be held up in the partisan politics that they have always been held up in. The honest answer to this is purely, until someone has the guts enough to stand up and meet people in the middle no one is going anywhere.

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