Will Obama's support of gay marriage help him politically?

  • Obama's support of gay marriage will help him politically

    Obama's support of gay marriage will help him politically. This is because gay marriage is a right that is inevitably going to be validated by the government. Most people are starting to see why marriage should be right for all people, including gays, and so this will help Obama politically if he supports it.

  • Post-Presidency Plans Look Good

    President Obama's support of gay marriage will help his party politically. As of now, he can't benefit personally from it because he's already in his second term and can't be re-elected. Democrats will be helped by gay marriage as momentum builds towards more states' approval of such measures. However, social issues such as gay marriage aren't as important on political agendas as the economy.

  • Obama's Support of Gay Marriage Will Help Him

    Obama wants to appeal to the far left of the political spectrum, and what better way to do that then endorse same sex marriage? Besides, it is the right of the individual to choose who they want to be married with. Long gone are the days of traditional marriage, Obama cares for all individual rights.

  • Obama's stance helps him for sure

    Yes, Obama's support of gay marriage definitely helps him politically. There are a lot of gay citizens who are not going to support someone who does not view them as an equal and wants to deny them certain rights. I would not support someone who was hindering my rights as an individual based on something that was out of my control. I would believe that he gets a good majority of votes from individuals who identify as gay.

  • Yes, Obama's stance on gay marriage is bold and moral

    I feel that Obama's support of gay marriage will help him politically because many progressive voters are encouraged by his willingness to take a stand on such a controversial issue. His stance on gay marriage certainly won't hurt him politically, since the vast majority of those opposed to gay marriage aren't likely to support or vote for him anyways.

  • Yes, it will certainly get him votes

    There is a large group of people in support of gay marriage in the USA today. With intolerance decreasing in our country everyday, it can only work to his advantage. If not today, then in the future.

    Now more than ever I believe people are beginning to rediscover the meaning of the words " Civil Liberty."

    I believe Obama strongly believes in the rights of his people. This will work to his favor in strongly democratic communities and even in the younger Republican societies. Eventually this will not even be up for debate, but looked upon as the Salem Witch trials are today.

  • No, Obama's support for gay marriage will not help him.

    Obama coming out and supporting gay marriage will most likely harm him politically. People are still on the fence in many states and countries about gay marriage. Obama's term is coming to an end and he wants to make one final impact to end out his presidential career. This is that attempt.

  • It won't change much

    Nobody that is a supporter of Obama is going to stop being one because of his support of gay marriage, and nobody that dislikes him is going to become a fan. You can draw a pretty accurate line between the two groups and their stances on the issue are going to be consistent, those that dislike him probably dislike gay marriage, those that like him probably support it. There are exceptions, but not enough to matter.

  • Nothing Obama does while he is president will help him politically

    At this point in Obama's presidency there is nothing he can do politically which will be helpful to his career in politics after he leaves office. There will always be opponents who throw this and other contentious decisions at him in a political arena and there will always be people who hate Obama and are willing to blame everything which is wrong with the US on him.

  • It Wouldn't Matter

    Given that Democrats support marriage equality and Republicans generally do not, I do not see any expressed support for gay marriage gaining him any new voters who didn't already support him. If anything, the fact that his position on it had to "evolve" may indicate that his views on the subject are disingenuous and solely for political posturing.

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