Will Obama's win help the U.S. mend ties with China?

  • Yes, Obama is very good with diplomacy and can handle China better than Romney.

    Obama will be more likely to be concerned with the CCP's human rights issues and hopefully can improve relations with them without increasing our reliance on Chinese imports. Only through improving our diplomatic relations with the CCP can we have a chance at convincing them to improve the treatment of their citizens. A more democratic China would improve US - Chinese relations.

  • No

    The sooner the CCP stops threatening, occupying, embargoing and making undue ‘demands’ of the countries of the Pacific (like telling Australia to break it’s alliance with the US), the sooner China will have a ‘normal’ relationship with the people in it. Obviously, that is unlikely due to the unprecedented levels of greed and misguided nationalism within China, highlighted by it’s belligerent and dangerous behaviour.China, stay out of the Pacific. Stay out of the Antarctic.

  • No Obama's win will not help the U.S. mend ties with China

    Those ties, except for the cheap and dangerous goods we are able to get from them to sell here, have long since been broken. We owe them millions of dollars in lent out money, much as we do elsewhere, and no election win is going to change that fact. Eventually China and the other countries we are in debt to, are gonna wanna come and collect, and when they do, we as a country will be officially screwed and the bottom will fall out completely. So no Obama winning reelection is not going to help the U.S. mend ties with China because as long as we owe them money.......the fence can't be mended.

  • Only China Can Fix China

    International pressure to fix China's human rights legacy won't help. China is too big and too powerful on the global stage. The only entity that can help China is China itself. Changes will have to happen within the government in Beijing, no matter who is in office in the United States. China didn't become oppressive overnight and changes won't happen immediately anyway.

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