• Crude oil prices will get back up to $100 a barrel, if not higher.

    Look at the crude oil commodity market and you see trends that fluctuate over time. While the current crude oil trend is a decrease in oil prices, it will not be too long before oil prices go back up to at least $100 a barrel, if not higher. I believe the prices will begin to rise by mid-summer.

  • Dependant on advances in green energy

    If our ability to advance green energy initiatives do not receive incentives/support from local and federal governments then we will continue to be slaves to fossil fuels. As the world population increases and energy demand outstrips future oil supplies then we could see a situation where oil returns to the $100 a barrel level.

  • Oil will never return to $100

    In my opinion oil will never again reach price of $100 per barrel. Even their sheiks think it is impossible. I do believe that oil prices will rice soon again but probably not as high as they were. In my opinion it is a good thing that oil will be a bit lower price and maybe on a lower point price will become more stable.

  • Oil will stay near its levels

    Oil prices will still fluctuate, but the demands for world oil is changing around people's needs and technology. People are taking public transportation more frequently and buying cars that don't demand the same fuel use anymore. Take into account the new resources the United States has, the world isn't as oil dependant.

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