• I think they will

    I don't think oil prices have bottomed. I think oil prices will continue to trend towards $30 a barrel before it has fully bottomed. I think oil will bounce back to the $40-$60 range, but I don't think we will ever see $100 a barrel ever again. Oil is extremely volatile, so it's very hard to ever truly call a bottom.

  • I Doubt It

    I think with the elections looming in November, that government won't see much of a need to keep the prices low. Why would they want us travelling? They want us to be as unhappy as possible so we will be more likely to vote republican in the upcoming election and making us rage over the gas prices might be the only tactic they have left.

  • What comes down must go up when it comes to economics

    Unfortunately it is only a matter of time before the oil prices go back up. From what's been trickling down through the news there will be bombing of ISIS oil reserves which i'm sure the oil companies will use as an excuse to increase prices, whether or not it affects them directly. Oil is a commodity that we all need so they tease us into a feeling of security before pulling the rug from under us once again. Either way I say enjoy it while it lasts.

  • They'll go back up.

    It's a finite resource. They will go back up at some point. Once people start to realize that we don't have an unlimited supply they will panic and prices will go back up. It's amazing how short sighted people can be, even experts. Prices are cyclical. Everyone knows that. Come on!

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