Will One Direction remain at the top of the teen pop scene with their new album?

  • They're getting the exposure necessary

    I recently saw the Today Show last week, and you know how they always have a musical guest on there performing in or near Times Square, and it's always someone who is relevant and current and has things going on worth promoting. If you ever want to know who the current stars are, watch the news. Just last week One Direction was the guest performer, and they weren't lacking for screaming fans/teens, not to mention the news broadcasters repeatedly mentioned a tour and a new album. I think they're still relevant and current enough to remain top of their genre for a while longer.

  • One Direction will remain at the top of the teen pop charts

    Regardless of the quality of the music displayed in One Direction's new album, their influence and popularity to keep them on top of the teen pop scene. The five members of the group rival the popularity the Beatles endured in the 60s with the teen pop market. While time will take its toll on the group, their massive popularity looks to continue with their new album.

  • One Direction on top

    Yes I do believe that one direction will remain at the top of the teen pop scene with their new album. The are a very popular and well known band. They have many loads of loyal fans and are gaining more everyday. As long as they keep producing they will stay on top.

  • One Direction's Pop Will Fizzle Out

    One Direction is due to go the direction of most bands like them. Teens have a tendency to develop intense obsessions with "boy" bands. Unfortunately, the adoration that is heaped on these bands quickly fades as the next one or two hit wonders come along. These "boy" bands start to suffer from a backlash of public opinion. We all know how easily teens are swayed by their peers away from their shallow affections to the next fad that comes along. Sorry One Direction. We knew which direction you were going from day one-and it's not the hip kind of down.

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