• Yes, one of Saturn's moons will be the next best place for life.

    One of Saturn's moons will be the next best place for life. Recently, a warm ocean was discovered on one of Saturn's moons, and scientists conclude that it would be the top option in the solar system for sustaining life. The only caveat is that is is further away than Mars, which is another possible candidate for potential life.

  • Mars and Europa first

    While I agree that there could be life on Saturns moon Titan and possibly Encleadus, it is more likely to be found on Mars (Which once had near earth-like conditions for life) and Europa. I would like to point out that in Titans methane oceans, it has been propesed that life could be made of polyethers, that could function as DNA does for us, however it has been shown that polyethers cant dissolve effectively in Titans ocean (Life requires a liquid phase) so life via polyethers is unlikely to Titan.

  • Saturn's Moons Could Support Life

    Saturn's moon, Titan, is relatively Earth-like. Similar to that of the Earth, Titan's surface is crater-free and is shaped by the flow of rivers. One primary difference, however, would be that Titan's rivers are composed of liquid methane instead of water. Additionally, Titan has a dense atmosphere that is rich in methane and nitrogen, which can help with organic compound formation with the help of ultraviolet light. Although difficult, Titan has the potential to host human life.


    Living on the planet Saturn is a setting and theme for a book, movie, poem, song, etc. but not for realty. In realty, the ideal of living in Saturn will only profit industries within this vertical market. Wouldn't be more beneficial to mobilize our resources to fix issues here on earth?

  • I think it's highly unlikely

    I think it's highly unlikely that one of Saturn's moons will be the next best place for life. We have yet to find anywhere other than Earth that seems like it may be sustainable for life. We need somewhere that can provide Oxygen and water. This is a lot easier said than done.

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