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  • No it will not kill off universities.

    People go for the thrill of university exploring..Online educations are mostly for people who have greatly passed the university age.
    Advantages to online education:
    -no worry about sick days
    -more 1 on 1 time
    -comfort of your own home
    -you can balance life (kids and work) by choosing your own time

  • No, they work great.

    Online courses are very good options for students because it allows them to schedule classes around their work schedules. It also allows for students to take classes in the same semester that would otherwise overlap in time slots. Also, the online lectures can be rewound if a student doesn't pay attention for a few minutes. If you zone out in a traditional lecture, tough luck.

  • Online courses are different from on-campus courses

    Online courses don't have the same content and advantages as on-campus courses. They are both different in terms of course content and requirements. Even though you get the same qualification, the experience and knowledge you will have if you do a on campus university course would be more enriched and wide whereas people that complete online courses have basic or limited knowledge of the course. This is the reason why most people opt for on campus uni courses unless you are a parent with children or a student that is living in a rural area.

  • No, online courses will not kill off universities

    No, I do not believe that online courses will kill off universities. Instead, online courses will force universities to continue to improve their educational systems by implementing pedagogy that keeps up with the evolution of education and online classes. Online education will instead also provide another outlet for universities to offer education to everyone.

  • Online course will not kill off our universities.

    The online courses are more for mothers or disabled people who are unable to get around. Of course it's not just for that, but it is a huge chunk. However, universities are here to stay. We will always need face to face interaction with professors. It is important for social interaction as well.

  • No, online courses will most likely never kill off our universities.

    My reason for believing that online courses will most likely never kill off our universities may seem a bit silly, and it is, but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

    You see most employers, and even workers, tend to see online colleges as a cheap excuse for a college education, a course of education usually taken by those who weren't accepted into their colleges of choice, and by late starters in the realm of further education. Old fashioned colleges will, obviously, never go about trying to change that perception.

    I personally don't see a diploma that was earned from an online college as somehow worth less than one from a university, but that doesn't change what appears to still be the general consensus.

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