• Yes, very possibly.

    The Republicans now have a reputation for being closed minded and not open to many of the minority people they serve. They are looking to latino and black and possibly even gay members of their party to transform their image, so Carl DeMaio may very well be able to win a seat.

  • Yes, California is a progressive state and open to change.

    The state of California has demonstrated that it is one of the most liberal states in the nation. In particular, they have been a leader in lesbian, gay and transgender rights. Californian Harvey Milk was the first openly gay elected official in the U.S. Milk's 1978 election was considerably ahead of other states. This leaves the question to be not so much as to whether the sexual orientation of DeMaio to be the issue, rather the issue is to his suitability to manage the office for which he is campaigning. DeMaio promotes that he represents a "new generation" of politician and that alone is welcome.

  • Yes, there is a possibility that Car DeMaio might win a seat.

    There is a growing number of Republicans that aren't concern with differences in sexual orientation. Carl DeMaio has a chance of winning a seat if he has enough supporters with voters and fellow Republicans. His sexual orientation is not a determinant of whether or not he gets a seat. People will judge him on how he carries himself and if he panders to certain groups or not.

  • Carl DeMaio is more than just Gay.

    Carl Demaio is gay and a republican. What is hilarious is that a gay republican is such a rare thing. The republican party was founded, and championed on the idea of rights. It was only the last 20 years or so that they turned anti-everything-not-white-rich-and-christian. I think his return to the fundamentals of the Republican ideology will return the meaning of what it means to be a representative of the people rather than what the conservative movement has evolved into.

  • Yes! He Will

    Carl represents a new generation of Republican leadership that is both inclusive and not wedded to the divisive rhetoric of the past. The Congressional seat he is running for was only won by the incumbent by an extremely narrow margin in 2012 and Carl's compelling message will garner enough support to power him to victory in November.

  • I hope yes

    He will be first of many. We should appreciate people for what they can offer not judge them for their differences. When did this become an issue in first place. We need more and better education so people will not fear of "different" anymore. More science less religion. More appreciation less judgment.

  • He's still not a democrat.

    No, openly gay Republican candidate Carl DeMaio will not win a seat in the House for California, because he might be gay, but he is not a Democrat. Republicans have no chance to win a seat in California, because California is very liberal. The Democratic candidate is probably liberal and a homosexual, so she or he will win.

  • Not a chance.

    Carl is one of the most negative people in San Diego politics.
    Being a gay and pro-choice doesn't make him less divisive...Or less of a political opportunist. He's run for three different offices ... And has lost since he's just not a nice person. Does anyone out there actually know him? Nearly 100% of the people who do know him say he's not a nice fellow. Very negative about everything..

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