• Orion is one giant leap.

    As much as it seems like a science fiction prospect, humans have to go off-planet eventually. At our rate of population explosion, we will exhaust our resources and space here on Earth. NASA's successful launch of a rocket meant to go to Mars is a great step. Even though terraforming a planet could take an aeon, looking forward toward other options gives us hope for a future in the universe.

  • NASA's Orion spacecraft will be a success

    NASA's Orion spacecraft is designed to provide transport and support for four astronauts on space missions that extend beyond the moon. It will be launched using the Space Launch System (SLS), which is an advanced heavy-lift rocket that was specifically designed and built to provide the United States with a the capability for human exploration beyond Earth.

  • Yes, Orion will be a big success for NASA.

    It has been decades since the US has launched a large-scale space program to send human astronauts deep into outer space, and in many ways, perhaps we are overdue. Public excitement over national ambitions is at an all-time low, and a meaningful scientific achievement such as a trip to Mars would be a great boost to national morale.

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