Will other companies follow General Mills' lead in cutting back on greenhouse emissions?

  • Yes, because I think environmental awareness is becoming more and more important to the general public.

    Every day I hear more and more about our own individual "global footprint" and I think that the media and companies like General Mills are spurring more and more concern for the government in general. If people are interested in doing their part, it's a good business tactic for companies to do the same because people become brand loyal to companies that share their beliefs.

  • Other companies will eventually follow General Mills as they cut back.

    Companies work as a copy cat sometimes, and with that being said; General Mills will lead other companies along with their greenhouse emissions cutback.
    If the other companies see how they can prosper and stay on top, they will be right behind General Mills with their decisions of cutting back.

  • They Follow the Trends.

    I am really sour about the food industry right now. It seems as though you literally have to grow your own food in the back yard just to get something that is truly organic. All of this genetically modified stuff is scary and gross. As far as other companies following General Mills, yes. I do feel that they will only because of popularity. Not becuase they care about the earth or humans for that matter.

  • No, I don't believe they will.

    Unless they see the move as being popular with consumers and that will lead to increased profits or unless the laws change and force companies to become more energy efficient, I don't see many companies following their lead. I think it's nice that they are doing it, but I don't think others will follow if it doesn't help their bottom line

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