Will other countries follow the Bank of Japan's system to help their economy?

  • I do believe some will follow the Bank of Japan's system to help their economy.

    Right now, some countries are currently suffering from very bad economy, Although, recently we've seen that The Bank Of Japan's system is doing very good to this day! Which gives me the right to believe that they are doing something right! This is why I think other countries who are suffering from bad economy will try to follow the same system.

  • Japan's Bank System

    Many other countries will try to follow Japan's new banking system in order to try and help their own slow- moving economy. This system has been put in place to boost Japan's lacking economy and many people think this trend will catch on with other economic- failing countries. Once this bank system is noted to be a success, other countries will try to copy the policy.

  • Yes other countries will follow the Bank of Japan (BOJ) in support their economy.

    Yes other countries will follow the Bank of Japan (BOJ) actions in expansion of their quantitative easing program. The use of quantitative easing is what the United States' FED has been doing for the past four years to control the threat of deflation. Simply they are buying government bonds and commercial mortgages to put money back into the economy.

  • Bank of Japan Is All Alone on This One

    Today Bank of Japan`s announcement of intensifying economy support through further stimulus and government buying programs is a dare act which other national banks will not follow. On the contrary Fed recently announced the end of the easy money era, the ECB is provost of more and more austerity for its troubled members. Thus measures similar to the Bank of Japan`s ones are not expected to be seen in other economies.

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