Will our society ever achieve Gender Equality?

Asked by: kimandoore
  • You guys are downers

    We said that ending racial segregation wouldn't happen. It did.
    We said that women would never be in the military. They are.
    We said that black men and women would never vote. They now have that legal right.
    We said that women could never work outside the home or wear pants or play sports. They do all those things.
    Saying it will never happen may slow us down just a little but it will never stop progress from happening because progress has always won and always will.

  • Idiot Feminists ugh!

    Feminists will never think that the world is equal until they control everything. I am a woman, but I can firmly say that I will never be a feminist. Men should be the strong ones, the fighters, the leaders. Women should be the ones that obey their husbands and serve him. When you start fighting for gender equality, you start fighting for the rights of men that think they are women even though they are not and vice versa, which is another disgusting can of worms. May the Lord help us all if feminists ever take control

  • Female's ideal of gender equality is very biased.

    Gender equality seems to be an ideal society, but will never happen because of all the biased changes people are asking for, mostly females. Women in the armed force, women's rights, etc. but these females are just nitpicking ideas and are being ignorant towards the cons of Gender equality, such as the idea of "A man should never lay his hand on a woman". Of course I am not condoning men around the world to beat their wives, but if a woman is bullying, putting down, or even physically abusing a man, she should not be shocked to be hit back. It seems that our society does not bat an eyelash when a women is abusing a man, yet if its the other way around, even if its out of self defense, the world shuns said man. It's gotten to the point that some women freely hit and beat a man, thinking that he would not hit back because she is a women. This is one of the many flaws of gender equality. For gender equality to actually work, ideals such as man approaching woman, man proposing, woman being weak, man being stronger, and also man laying his hands on a woman must all be destroyed, which will never happen in our society and societies around the world

  • Males and Females are Different

    Gender equality seems dumb to me. I almost think of it like that Kurt Vonnegut story about Harrison Burgeron. Just because Harrison is stronger and physically superior to everyone else, he has to be subject to the same crippling disabilities that everyone is subject to just because it isn't fair that he is big and everyone else isn't. Males are typically physically superior to females, end of discussion, so when we talk about equality, we can never truly achieve it based on physical dominance of men. Stupid male privilege ;)

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