Will outlawing abortion make it more dangerous rather than make it go away?

  • Yes - it absolutely will

    If we outlaw abortion women will be forced to find other means to fix what could be a terrible living situation for them and their potential children. As with anything that was once legal, then not, it'll simply shove the practice into the black market's control, and I'd much rather see women in need get real medical care than something sketchy and unlicensed.

  • Yes.

    Outlawing abortion will make it much more dangerous than making it go away. Women are always going to be put in a situation where they will risk death to have an abortion. If it is outlawed women will seek the same methods that were used before abortion was made legal. This will include risky procedures or attempts to do it themselves by using harsh chemicals or whatever methods they can think of.

  • Yes, history shows this is true

    Just because a procedure is illegal doesn't mean it isn't needed, necessary or wanted. Abortion has been illegal in the past, and during that time in our history women still sought out abortions. They found them, too. They were just not nearly as safe as they are now, and this caused many problems.

  • Yes, people will still look for places for abortions

    Outlawing abortions will not prevent women from getting abortions, but instead, make it more difficult and dangerous for women to find places to get safe abortions. As a result, some women could get abortions from non-sterile environments or from unqualified medical professionals, further risking their own health. Woman may also seek alternative methods to abort their baby that also puts themselves and their baby at risk.

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