• Narcan over the counter is a good idea

    I think it is a good idea for Narcan to become available at the pharmacist over the counter. Because more and more opioid overdoses are happening, we need to have these types of drugs available so people don't need to go to the hospital to wake up from dangerous overdoses like that.

  • It Has Possibilities

    Narcan is known mostly for being able to help those who are in a state of overdose. While many people choose this lifestyle, some are young, ignorant or first time users of drugs. Take a moment and realize that doctors are sometimes hand tied to those who come in heavily induced in drugs and breathing has slowed...with Narcan, they are able to inject it or through nasal inhale and they are able to help patients in near death situations. If used correctly and in correct situations, this can save lives.

  • Narcan has already been shown to save lives.

    Narcan has recently been used to revive individuals including young children that have overdosed on different forms of opoid drugs. It should be regulated like any other drug, but if individuals realize in time that they have overdosed on a dangerous opoid drug, they may be able to take Narcan by themselves to save their lives.

  • Yes, over the counter Narcan will save lives.

    Studies have shown that Narcan, when used properly, can help stabilize a person who has OD'd until they can receive the proper medical attention, thus improving the chances of the drug user surviving their OD. Without Narcan, the chances of dying in transport to medical care after an OD increase.

  • In the short run yes the long run probbably not

    While this isn't based on any hard core studies this second hand information comes from end workers who responded to the same individual who over dosed multiple times. They managed to bring them back 4 times the fifth time they died as the individual was found too late. While this can let us revive an individual it does not solve the addiction we need a two pronged approach of revival and treatment

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