• Yes, Ozone depletion will lead to long-term harm of humanity.

    The depletion of the Ozone is a rising concern to all of Humanity. As we further pollute it, the more our air is contaminated. Contamination of our air can cause a variety of problems for us. This includes potential new airborne threats of diseases that could plague our race. It can become one of the most harmfaul things to us.

  • Yes, It can lead to Harmful effects.

    Yes, Even minor problems of ozone depletion can have major effects.The Environment will also be negatively affected by ozone depletion. The Life cycles of plants will change, disrupting the food chain. Oceans will be hit hard. The EPA estimates that 60 million Americans born by the year 2075 will get skin cancer because of ozone depletion.

  • Yes: Ozone Depletion Harms Humanity

    The depletion of the protective shield known as the ozone layer has been occurring, by some estimates, around 4% per decade, from the use of chemicals like CFC's, halons, and freon. The result is an increase of ultraviolet radiation from the sun reaching living beings, which has the potential to increase skin cancer. Because these chemicals continue to be released, we should expect increasing, long term carcinogenic effects down the road.

  • Yes it will.

    When you have pieces of the atmosphere deteriorating that leaves us open to more hazards than I can explain. For example, solar bursts can break through big enough holes and do damage to the planet. Also, earth is not able to regulate itself with massive holes in the ozone layer.

  • No, ozone depletion will not harm humanity.

    First of all, there is no evidence to prove that the ozone will deplete to the point where the safety of humanity will be threatened. I think that the issue of ozone depletion is one that is being harped by the Democrats for political reasons so that they can get votes.

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