Will Panama disease kill off bananas now that there are no new varieties of the plants?

Asked by: Kreakin
  • Enjoy Bananas Now!

    A highly-contagious form of fungus sometimes called Panama disease has devastated crops in Asia, and has now been found in Mozambique. It sounds like a joke, but this pandemic is deadly serious and could affect the world's fruit supply.

    Can we find a new resistant strain before this staple food of millions is destroyed?

  • Not if we do everything we can

    Seriously we have the technology so let's stop all future extinctions. Gather up a specimen of every single species in existence and put a store of the species in a zoo or in the case of plants greenhouses, protect these places from diseases and for instance say there are infections going through zoos take out some of the animals and put them in a special place to protect them.

    This way extinction in the wild (or in domestic farming conditions) won't really mean extinction and all we'll have to do is figure out a way to reintroduce it before people can start eating bananas again. In reintroducing it leave some in storage in case we need to use it again.

  • Someone's been watching the SciShow on Youtube!

    I mean I'm sure the people who were cultivating the land to grow the Gros Michel bananas didn't see it coming but the Panama disease ended up wiping out almost all of these seemingly delicious, seedy fruits (I'm being sarcastic) to everyone's dismay (also being sarcastic). But then something good came out of that, seedless bananas! Isn't the best thing about this fruit? I think if it were ever to actually be at risk of disappearing off the face of the Earth, which is very unlikely due to the level of advanced technology we have nowadays, we might actually come up with something better. I can't think of something better than seedless bananas but I'd like to be surprised!

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