• Combine convenience and assurance.

    People would be willing to bank at the Post Office. This is because so many people use this governmental service anyway that they wouldn't mind combining two trips into one. Considering that savings and checking accounts are most often FDIC insured, combining the two would give people convenience AND assurance.

  • Yes, I think so.

    I think people would be more than willing to bank at the post office, especially since it's government regulated and they know some fat cat banker would not be making money off of their hard earned money. And, if it was more convenient than typical banking, people would love it even more.

  • I Wouldn't Bank There

    I really don't have any love for the postal service. The service runs in the red almost every year and charges what I consider to be fairly high rates given the service provided. On top of this my tax dollars have to make up the difference for this place so its not in the red. I wouldn't bank at the post office for any reason.

  • No Banking at USPS

    Are you kidding me? I believe the majority of people would laugh at the prospect of banking at the post office. USPS, an institution that can't manage its own finances, assisting the public in its banking needs? USPS is an institution top-heavy in higher-echelon positions and lower-echelon positions whose outrageous wages, benefit, pensions, etc., would not have the discipline necessary to perform at the level we expect from our banking institutions. Of course, I might be willing to change my opinion to a "yes" if the USPS were privatized.

  • No: People Will Not Be Willing To Bank at the Post Office

    The post office is understood to be a function of the government. Banks are private institutions. Bringing them together would be difficult for people to understand, and would not make sense logistically, from an operational standpoint. The money involved in making such a transformation occur would be a waste, and there would be too much confusion.

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