• Probably, a movie played with this idea once.

    I watched a movie a while back called "The Sixth Day", whereby the cloning of animals is a common site, and the protagonist's dog dies, and because he and his wife don't want their daughter to be sad, the protagonist (while quite against the idea of cloning), goes to the store to request that his dog be cloned, and the way it was portrayed did show that there is a real practical purpose to cloned animals, whereby you can "keep" your pet alive for as long as you want.

  • Living things have a heart

    What are living things? Generally, it is defined as something that has a heartbeat with the ability to feel and sense its emotions. Though cloned dogs may sound scary or slightly abnormal to certain people, it should be reminded that they are still animals and they have a feelings like any other dog has for its master as well. People may be afraid to buy cloned dogs because of the assumption that it is born out of the makings of science. It is humbly opined that cloned dogs have a heartbeat and they are indeed living things as well who would cherish their master like any other normal dog would and people would definitely buy cloned dogs. Though not many people may buy but there are still people who may buy.

  • Sounds to scary

    I think people would not buy cloned dogs because they don't want a cookie cutter dog. People by dogs for their different personalities, skills, and behaviors. That is why we have so many different breeds. If we start cloning dogs they we end up with a cookie cutter dog that would be no fun.

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