Will people change their protective behaviors in health and hygiene due to the covid pandemic?

  • The purpose of this research is to analyze and highlight the importance of hygiene in everyday life but especially in the context of this pandemic.

    How our social and hygiene behavior will look like after this pandemic?
    What we called normal hygiene rules until a year ago and were tacitly accepted by society have become past, Personal and relational hygiene has become the creed of this pandemic. So far we can only observe and deduce the following: the aspect of social life has changed considerably by wearing facial masks and by unprecedented social distancing.
    Another aspect is to make people aware of the risk of contamination by avoiding touching the face area uncontrollably and instinctively washing hands.

  • As we learn more about the real risk, People will get over the hype

    Clearly this sickness was blown way out of proportion. The social changes will not be permanent. The behaviors being thrust upon us by the government are not natural in any way and the people who adopt them willingly will just live out their days in solitude. Most people yearn for the way life was and are going back that way more and more by the day despite the numbers.

    There have been worse illnesses of the past and we got over them. . . And yet despite that people try to say that this is 'unprecedented'. The only thing unprecedented about it is believing it is going to change things permanently. There is good reason for that, Because people never would hold on to practices like this permanently. It isnt worth the sacrifice to freedom and social interaction. Lifes too short for this.

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