Will people ever be able to travel by teleportation?

  • Teleportation will be possible but in the near future. Not any time soon.

    Science has progressed and advanced very quickly under a short period of time. Scientists have the ability to clone Ice age era animals such as the sabertooth tiger and the wooly mammoth, 3D print virtually everything in the world and build supersonic air travel just to name a few. Very soon space travel will see major breakthroughs and enhance the way we look at the universe. The tallest skyscraper in the world is nearly 3,000 feet and believe it or not stretches farther than clouds do. Very soon the Hyperloop, which is the fastest high-speed railway system ever been proposed by Elon Musk will become a definite possibility in the future. Some of the most complex and sophisticated telescopes already exist in the world, a notable example is the Hubble Telescope. Immense telescopes built in different countries that can see beyond the naked eye or the observable universe are doing the unthinkable. There are airports in the world built on water, famous examples include Hong Kong International Airport and Kansai International Airport in Osaka, Japan. We can clone pretty much any animal that resides on the planet and also clone any food that grows on this globe. We have roller coasters that almost reach 500 feet and can go over 100 mph in a minute and there's a roller coaster in Japan that's partially constructed on water. Virtual reality is already existing and is gradually turning into a popular invention. 3D simulation rides are becoming more mainstream and will become even more notable over time. These are all mesmerizing achievements in the time-span of mankind. All of this is proof that teleportation is going to be a possibility at some times on Earth but in the near future and not any time soon because it's still being talked about and we have to come up with plans that'll make it a reality. Teleportation is going to be a major breakthrough in the field of quantum physics and will stun everybody that experiences it.

  • Yes, humans are capable of great things

    Yes, one day people will be capable of travel by teleportation. There is current research into the subject. Humanity has a history of dreaming big and then accomplishing these things. A century ago, no one thought it possible for mankind to ever walk on the moon. It is naive to believe it is impossible to teleport when so many things once thought impossible are now occuring.

  • Yes, we will

    We will some day achieve teleporation. In fact, we already have over a very small distance and on a tiny scale. But I think with humans and machines, teleportation will have to be done with a worm hole that opens up and we "jump" through it. I don't think we can just be obliterated and reassembled somewhere else.

  • Yes, I think that eventually people will be able to travel by teleporation.

    I don't think it will happen in the next century but if technology continues to progress at a rapid rate I believe that there will be a certain point that traveling by teleportation is a thing that can happen realistically, I don't think I will ever be alive to see it happen though.

  • We don't think so

    Cause it too future. Do you think the body could be safe if trying to use it or test it? No way it was very hazer ed and a failure. It's unnecessarily and not possible. Come on! Everything was strange and bad there's a machine failure! So there's more where theirs came from.

  • People will never travel by teleporatation

    Teleporatation will be impossible to ever master for an organism so complex as a human being. There are many millions of things which would need to be replacated perfectly. One small error could lead to sickness or even death. Maybe it will be possible for things like sand or fruit where some little mistakes won't matter.

  • It is just too complex to do.

    I don't think so. It is hard to predict how much technology might progress in the future, but the idea of mapping and breaking down every atom in the body, and recreating it somewhere else, would appear to be so complex and problematic, that it is hard to imagine how it could ever be possible.

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