• Yes, people will forget.

    People will forget about Bendgate really soon. At the rate which new technology emerges, people will be concerned about something new within just a few months. Plus, the fact that the iPod 6s are bending is not a huge deal. Only a few out of many have had problems. People will start to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

  • Yes, people will soon be completely over the "Bendgate" scandal.

    Yes, people will forget about "Bendgate" in no time at all. There is really nothign to even be concerned about. Apple has always been known for great customer service, and I'm sure if you were to have a structural issue with a new phone that you purchased, they would be more than happy to replace it if the issue was deemed to be their fault. No one using the iPhone 6 normally should be having these types of issues. There may have been extreme cases where people had problems with phones being bent, but they are literally one in a million.

  • People don't care.

    Yes, people will forget about Bendgate soon enough, because the Apple brand has very loyal customers. People decided whether they would buy the new iphone long before it went on the market. In fact, some people camp out to buy it. They are not going to put off their purchases because of a few loud criticisms.

  • People Will Not Forget Soon "Bengate"

    Bendgate will haunt Apple reputation for a quite a long time. In every interview, technology comparison or even investor buy/sell analysis the case will be outlined to strengthen competition positions. On the other hand the true Apple fan, the one that buys every new models, even pre-orders the new phone, the one that is mad for the Apple culture the Bendgate case will not be such a serious damage and potentially be more easy forgiven.

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