• Yes, people will want to see the Shia LaBeouf "#IAmSorry" art show

    People will want to see the Shia LaBeouf "#IAmSorry" art show, but it won't be for any artistic or cultural reasons. They will want to see it simply because he is a popular actor at the moment and because they will want to be able to look back years from now and say "Oh, yeah, I went to that."

  • People will do anything to be in the same room with a celebrity.

    Yes, people do in fact want to see his "art" show. Which, by the way, is a collaborative art piece with an artist whose done this before, so basically it's still a kind of plagiarism. Sort of ironic, considering that's what he is apologizing for. It's certainly got him lots of publicity.

  • large fan base

    Yes, I think that many people will want to see Shia's new art show. While growing up he played in some very popular movies, like holes, and after the very popular Transformer movies, he has built up a pretty large fan base, that will want to see anything he does.

  • Art Community Loves Strangeness

    I believe there are people who want to see the Shia LaBeouf #IAmSorry art show because people in the art community love to see strange and awkward things. Since its actually a unique idea and it involves Shia LaBeouf, obviously, it is sure to be a success as far as art goes.

  • It's pretty funny.

    Yes, people will want to see the Shai LaBeouf IAmSorry art show, because the concept is funny. A guy sitting with a paper bag over his head saying I am sorry is not exactly prolific. However, it is a funny concept. it is also located in a place that gets a lot of foot traffic already, so yes, people will see it.

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