• Yes, he's excellent.

    I don't care what anyone says about his age, Peter Capaldi is one of the funniest actors alive. And he's won an oscar. To think that other people think that Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It playing The Doctor in Doctor Who is bad... God I don't understand people.

  • Why wouldn't he?

    Peter Capaldi is a fantastic actor, he has proven over and over again that he can play any role and has refused to be type casted to any genre. Any real fans of Dr Who will know that age is no issue in terms of choosing an actor, many of the people complaining, i feel may never have seen the original series and lets be honest it's better than Richard Hammond.

  • Great to see BBC going back to classic-esque style.

    Peter Capaldi will be awesome. He has won awards for hos portrayal as Malcom Tucker from the Thick of It. He is the same age as William Hartnell (1st Doctor) was when he started. I'm happy to see BBC taking a step back with Doctors more like the classic series. Ie Matt Smith's face in credits hasnt been done since Sylvester McCoy (7). People shouldn't judge because of age, ad although I'm sad to see Matt Smith leave, Peter Capaldi will bring a unique persona with him.

  • Hes a superb actor

    He has proved his worth in multiple performances and he will make a great doctor as i feel he could carry great conviction. He has shown how good an actor he is in the recent epic movie World War Z and popular tv show In the thick of it. People that disagree are foolish to say so

  • Perhaps, perhaps not.

    Nobody said no, so I felt obliged to. Even though I think he's a brilliant actor and would do a fine job as the Doctor, I'm sort of confused as to how they're going to make it work. Considering he was Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii and was a main character, I'm sure they can't expect us not to be a little confused.

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