• Polar Bears will go extinct if WE don't change anything!

    The ice is melting because of global warming which causes huge problems for the polar bears. Those polar bears have lost lots of their living territory mainly because of global warming. The more polar bears we loose the sooner they will be extinct. We also have to think about US (human beings). The people that live on the north pole, need cloth and food and so on. They will die! If they don't have the right amount of food (okey, they can eat fish) or the right amount of cloth they will die. We have to think about us Human and the Polar Bears. If we change global warming then everything would be fine. - The bears will have their own territory, their own food, their family etc. So will the human that live close to them. They will have enough food because they kill some bears but the right amount. Since not many bears will die just like that they somehow must be killed. - Change the world!

  • Yes, polar bears will go extinct.

    Polar bears are an endangered animal that live in a very cold climate. Each year the world is getting warmer and warmer, making the living arrangement for these creatures all the more difficult. That's not even including those who hunt big game for sport, or bragging rights. I do hope they don't become extinct, but the way things are going it's hard to say otherwise.

  • Polar bears will go extinct.

    First, I would like to say that I find it strange that Polar Bears in particular were chosen. There are many more species of animals that are in even fewer numbers than the Polar Bear.
    People need to understand that our world is going through a big change. Do to human's actions, our Earth is not in a natural state. The release of greenhouse gases has caused an increase in temperature resulting in the shrinking of ice caps that polar bears, along with other animals, call home. This almost mass extinction will continue until every specie of animal that live in the ice caps either adapt or become extinct.
    It may be possible to stop this from happening if people were willing to make a lifestyle change, but unfortunately people are selfish and the extinction will continue.

  • Polar bears are at a serious risk of going extinct but we are helping.

    Polar bears are in danger of going extinct because of global warming. There is the issue of what the cause of global warming is. It may be emissions from our lifestyle in combination with the regular waxing and waning of the Earth's climate. But despite this I think that we are putting in a great effort to try to help the polar bears live and procreate.

  • They will not go extinct.

    No, I do not think that polar bears will go extinct, and I certainly hope that they won't. They aren't quite to the point of being extremely endangered. Moreover, I think that there are a lot of efforts currently being done to stop people from hunting them. People care about polar bears and they won't let them go extinct without a fight.

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