Will police power abuse in any way ever officially end?

Asked by: face1995
  • I'm sure sometime in the future.

    Police has been growing more brutal over the years with rumors that they will take total control. Maybe eventually the people will get together and many non brutal minded people will become a police officer once they grow into professional adulthood and put in the social pressure and motivation to stop the messy use of power.

  • Of course not.

    Police officers are no less human than the rest of us; they are no less capable of being immoral and/or irrational. It's inevitable that putting immoral persons into a position of power will result in acts of police brutality. This is inescapable. Is it possible to reduce the amount of brutality that goes on by screening police officers more thoroughly? Can we put systems into place by which police officers are not only discouraged from abusing their power but are also encouraged to maintain clean records? The answers to those questions are yes, but there is nothing to prevent 100% of power abuse. We can only reduce the frequency - not eliminate it.

  • No, I don't believe so.

    When a position of power or authority is given to a person it will be abused to a certain degree no matter who they are. There are countless examples all throughout history let alone modern times. Police brutality will not come to an end unless major reforms are put into place.

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