Will Pope Francis be a progressive for the Catholic Church?

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  • "Church Teaching" the same yesterday, today and forever

    I find it hilarious whenever there is a papal conclave, the secular media jump on the bandwagon and say " well the previous pope was conservative, maybe the next pope will change some doctrines on artificial contraception, abortion, gay so-called marriage," etc. Church doctrines and dogmas will never change as the holy spirit will prevent the church from teaching error. The pope may change customs and small T traditions of the church, but never doctrine as the secular world is clamouring for "progress" in these areas, and they always interview renegade priests and nuns who want "change" as if they were the magisterium and paint an incorrect view of the church every time. To all the lunatics who want "change" and "progress" its not going to happen. If satan cant change church teaching and destroy the bride of Christ, how do you think the lefties can change things. The only thing different or progressive of pope francis is his personality and way of doing things.

  • No one can do this.

    No, I don't think Pope Francis, nor any church official, will be a progressive for the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is what it is. It will not change its teachings on abortion or contraceptives because that's is just how it is. The Catholic Church believes that contraceptives interfere with God's will. There's no way it will reverse its teaching on this. People need to educate themselves on reasons behind the Church's teachings.

  • Of course not

    Look at the pope electing process. A bunch of ultra-conservatives get together and pick one of the ultra-conservatives in the group to be the next pope, thanks for coming, we'll do this again sometime down the road. It's pretty much impossible for a progressive pope to happen now or any time in the near future.

  • No, Pope Francis is the furthest thing from a progressive Pope.

    No, I believe that Pope Francis will not be a progressive for the Catholic Church. Furthermore, I don't think the question should even be asked in the future tense, because I think it's fairly obvious to tell already that Pope Francis is the furthest thing from a progressive Pope, since his stance against issues like gay marriage already hint at the fact that he is, in fact, very conservative.

  • He probably won't.

    Let's be honest here folks, the Catholic Church is a group that needs one Hell of a cleaning and a reorganization. I find it hard to believe that a new Pope will suddenly change everything and will turn the church into a progressive organization. They are not progressive in any way.

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