• He is calming much of my anger towards his church

    I am speaking strictly for myself. However, I strangely do not hate this man. My unusually deep level of hatred for Christ and Christendom does not normally permit my saying sweet things about the head of this vile institution. That will not change here; I will never say anything kind or encouraging about the Catholic Church or its Pope.

    However, as I watch this pontiff advocate for the weak and the poor, and wash the feet of the guilty... As he shows compassion for atheists and lesbians and gays... Although I will never say one kind word about him - I might not insult his efforts, either.

  • Yes, it will impact Catholic teachings

    I don't expect the Pope to change church laws, but I do think he has the influence to change the beliefs of many Catholics. Many devout Catholics put a lot of weight in the Pope's words and how it impacts their personal beliefs. The Pope also sets the tone for how priests and pastors communicate to their congregation. He can steer the conversation and the tone. Pope Benedict was not as tolerant towards gay people and set that tone as acceptable for the church. Pope Francis, even if it is just through his words, has the influence to change the perspective of many Catholics.

  • Shaking things up

    Pope Francis has the ability to change the Catholic Church for the better. I think he understands that many of today's Catholics support gay marriage, birth control and many other topics that were previously taboo. His comments are a baby step but hopefully in the coming years of his leadership these steps can bring a 21st century renaissance to the Catholic Church.

  • Change for some.

    He will not change much in the way the people want. Gay Marriage, women priest will not be changed. I think change will happen in the way the church presents itself: how it acts and how it forgives. I could see remarried Catholics eventually receiving communion. But all conception issues will not be touched.

  • A humble servant

    Yes, I believe Pope Francis will bring change to the Catholic church. He has already shown great examples by refusing the luxurious Archbishop apartment available to him in Buenos Aires. The morning of his first papacy, he paid his hotel bill with his own money and refused the private car available to him as the new pope. I think he really will be a champion for the poor and a good example for the church to follow, which, I believe, will produce needed change.

  • It'll be just the same as always.

    He'll just be the same as the others. He'll be an old guy who thinks he's right and the Catholics with drool over him and hang onto his every word, he'll still have ideologies of oppressing women and gay people, and wanting birth control and abortion banned, and pretending that a make-believe man in the sky talks to him.

    Just like the other popes that have been and gone in that institution.

  • In a world that is weary of crisis and tragedy, will Pope Francis change anything.

    While Pope Francis may change how the clergy conducts themselves by turning back to the true Catholics values of living simply and in the way of the "compassionate heart", true change will not occur. The Catholic church will not change its archaic way of viewing women and their role in a modern world. The new Pope's view on birth control and abortion will get worse not better. Pope Francis thus far appears to be an old school, hard line kind of guy and it is my opinion that no real change will occur.

  • Not a thing.

    Pope Francis will not change a thing about the Catholic religion. His ultra conservative stands are well known, and had he been a social mover and shaker, we would've heard of him before now. The Church chooses those who will continue to keep its form, which includes the dislike and put down of women and children.

  • The Catholic Church is too much of an institution.

    Though he shows signs of being a more humble pope than the last, there are principles that the Catholic Church will not go back on. There is not a passage in the Bible to possibly justify gay marriage or abortion so therefore the church could never accept it. It is too old an institution for one man to change it at this point.

  • No it will be the same as always.

    The election of Pope Francis won't change anything because he is even more conservative than Pope Benedict. Francis is against gay marriage, gay adoption and equality for women. One man cannot change the entire view of a dated religious group. Society is evolving and improving but the Catholic church is holding us back.

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