Will Pope Francis change the Catholic Church for the better?

  • Francis is the saviour of the Catholic Church!! Yay!!

    Just love him!! You never know - I might even start going to Church soon and not feel completely out of place!! Somehow, he manages to pull off being a modernist who's in touch with the people AND a grounded soul who sounds like he has actually READ the New Testament. It seems like he's actually putting into practice what Jesus actually preaches in the Gospels.

  • He's impressed me, and I'm atheist.

    He seems to be a lot more accepting of other beliefs..I really like that. If you want people to convert to your religion, that's the way to go. Not me, nor any other atheists I know are going to join Christianity because if we don't "we're going to hell".

    Recently me and my family have had to deal with a church down the road who wants to expand, but the increased water usage would cause our well to go dry. They didn't care, and told us to quit whining and haul water in. I lost a lot of respect for Christians after that...Which is unreasonable, because there ARE good Christians out there.

    This new pope really gives me hope that all our beliefs can coincide peacefully...And I can actually have an intelligent conversation about religion without being called a devil worshiper.

  • Of course he will.

    He is the only pope I have ever seen actually follow Jesus Christ. But then again, this won't be much of a step forward, because the number of atheists will continue to rise and the Catholic church will one day lose all its power completely, just like it has in most of Western Europe.

  • A modernizing pope

    As we all know, the world is moving towards a state of acceptance in so many things that weren't accepted before (gay rights, abortion, etc) It is a positive change that Pope Francis decided to modernize with the status quo. Also, Pope Francis has been praised for his decisions by many active catholic followers.

  • No, No, and No

    The pope is in great err if he honestly thinks people can go to heaven by following their own conscious. He is blatantly compromising the truth of the bible to make it seem as though anyone can step through the doors of heaven. Jesus said no one comes through the father except through me, and all we have to do is accept what he did at the cross and attempt to live our lives like him. The pope is deceiving the masses believe in him at your own risk.

  • Yes and no

    Pope Francis is gaining hearts of non-Christians with his statements, and thing he tells are a path to new prosperity of Catholic Church. Unfortunately, Catholics are not used to this brand new liberal Catholicism and will probably stick to their old beliefs.
    Then it will be a moment of decision for him: should he change Church for the better, his followers are gonna abandon him; should he try to keep his followers, nothing will change in the Church.

    Posted by: wwmd

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Anonymous says2013-09-13T11:29:45.957
The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, 'O God, forgive me,' or 'Help me. Amen<3