Will Pope Francis take action on clerical sex abuse?

  • Yes, I think he will

    I believe that Pope Francis will try hard to reduce clerical sex abuse in the Church. I think that he will make it clear that that type of behavior will not be tolerated. I am not sure it will completely work, as the church is so large, but maybe it will help.

  • To an extent

    Pope Francis will likely address it enough that the media is aware he is addressing it and go no further than that, it won't be a legitimate attempt to eradicate the practice. He so far does seem to have a different approach than Popes of recent memory, but this has been the way it's been handled for so long he's still in the "I'll believe it when I see it" boat.

  • Yes, he is a true man of God.

    Yes, I believe Pope Francis will take action on clerical sex abuse. I think he really is a man of his word and a true man of God. He will do whatever is possible to keep children safe within the church and to make sure offenders are accountable for their actions.

  • No he won't

    Because while being fully aware of what was going on especially in relation to the following - he still denied or encouraged them. Only because of the media coverage he is now admitting the abuse but no action will be forthcoming for years to come.
    - Chile priests
    - Cardinal Pell
    - McCarrick
    - Homosexuality amongst priests who have vowed to be celibate

  • Not a chance

    The catholic church is a criminal organization that has never solved any of the problems it hoped to cure, all the missionaries in the world haven't stopped hunger, poverty or disease. And the problem of pedophilia within the catholic and protestant churches has not gotten better, but worse. The reason they shuffle off pedophile priests is to save face for the church. They do not give a crap about the kids lives they've ruined or poisoned with their lies of a sky daddy in the sky, they care about money, just like any other conglomerate.

  • No, he won't.

    I don't think Pope Francis will take action against any of the Roman Catholic atrocities taking place the world over. It would open too large of a can of worms for the Vatican and Catholicism. They're already dwindling in numbers, and this would hurt them even more. After Pope Benedict, the Vatican doesn't need more bad press.

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