Will President Obama ruin Democrat's chances of winning in 2016?

  • If not, I give up on politics.

    So, this is my personal thought. Remember how we had 8 years of Bush and he started out doing a good job and everyone liked him and thought highly of him before the end of his first term? Like Obama. Obama was praised like I've never seen. But, in Bush's second term was when our economy and housing was a disaster. Well, considering Obama's approval rating right now, the scandals and the even more spending and higher unemployment, people will get sick of the democrats just like people got tired with Bush and the republican party for 8 years. The GOP right now... Really? WHY ARE WE TO FAR RIGHT?! I don't if it is my moderate views, or just my party is really that bad. I think honestly, that people will be tired of the democrats, just like how people got tired of the republican party after the housing crisis and everything that came along with it. I am hoping we can get someone strong, speak well, keep a legit promise, speak out to minorities and young voters. I am already scared of this man... I would to not see another democrat in the white house for a while. But it turns into a pattern. People got tired of the republicans, people will be tired with democrats. I will be on my knees hoping we can win an election.

  • Democrats' chances are bad.

    Due to Obama's overall performance, and the handling of several scandals under his belt, the chances of one from his own party are slim. While politicians like Hillary Clinton have a strong amount of support, scandal too has damaged their reputation. Yes, today teenagers are more liberal, but they, like others have grown dissatisfied with the negligible growth in the economy. Therefore, there is a high chance that the democrats will face a defeat in 2016.

  • With the lack of his vast network, yes

    Democrats certainly have a shot in 2016, but Hillary Clinton is looking weaker by the day and Joe Biden would suffer from his gaffe-prone nature. Obama's main strength is his ground network, which is very vast but has only existed under him. Whether or not this network can continue after him is a major issue, because many of his key voters are black voters who are not inclined to vote otherwise. His victories in North Carolina and Virginia were due primarily to this factor, and it likely helped in Florida and Ohio. Democrats have little chance of advancing further in the electoral college - out of the 24 states Romney won, 20 were by a margin of over 10 percentage points, and only one was by less than 5% of the vote (North Carolina, 2%); only 15 of Obama's 26 states were by 10% or more, and three states (Florida, Ohio, Virgina) were by less than 5% of the vote. Taking away Florida, Ohio, and Virginia - the three states most likely to flip - Democrats would still have a total of 272 electoral votes, which would be a huge drop from Obama's 332 electoral votes. However, Republicans could certainly be competitive in the eight states Obama won by less than 10%, but more than 5%, of the vote - in order, they are Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. These states hold a cumulative total of 81 electoral votes, and winning any one of them would result in a Republican victory; winning several of them could make up for losing Florida, Ohio, or Virginia. Additionally, Maine's 2nd congressional district, a heavily rural district, was won by Obama by a margin of less than 10% of the vote; it would be unlikely for it to flip, but if it did that would result in one electoral vote going to the GOP.

    So, to sum up - Democrats are not safe in 2016. They have little chance of advancing into GOP states due to their relatively strong support for Romney, and they will be in the defensive in at least eleven purple or light--blue states; Republicans could win an election by simply keeping all the states they had in 2012 and then winning as little as four of the purple or light-blue states. Given the state of the economy, various scandals relating to Obama, the lingering unpopularity of Obamacare prior to its implementation, and the possible loss of a valuable ground campaign, Republicans could take control of the Presidency in 2016. It wouldn't be easy, but if they do it would be entirely due to Obama, in one way or another.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Most likely...But his alignment to big business and corporate greed over Joe Average may actually help

    Obama lied to the public since before he was ever nominated (see "Meet The Press" interview where he said he would not run in 2008 because he owed it to Illinois voters to do that job). He hasn't really changed any Bush policies in 7 years. The Democrat benefit is Clinton and Sanders are approaching this carefully while Jeb Bush, who will most likely win the Republican nomination based on absurd PAC contributions (already over $100 million) is another Bush or Obama clone. However, if anyone looks back over recent times, the candidate that raises the most money wins and Jeb Bush is so far ahead there's almost no chance it will be anyone else so get ready for a few more years of working your ass off, lower wages and even less purchasing power.

  • Obama has given poor leadership for two terms.

    I think Americans are ready for change. Romney has foresight to not run. Will Clinton ? Given the limited Democrat choices I don't think Hillary Clinton will quit. I don't think she will quit. Obama has made so many decisions that were not in the best interest of Americans. The Democrat chances for a third term are slim and none.

  • Obama has destroyed the Democrat brand

    The biggest handicap for any politician post Obama will be having a "D" after your name on a ballot. A quick glimpse at history gives a good indicator at what to expect. It will be just like after Jimmy Carter (who seems like a raging success compared to Obama) Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, etc, except there likely won't be a bill Clinton to break up the conservative hegemony. American is a majority conservative country. The only way for a Democrat to win nationally is for A LOT of conservative voters to vote for them. Can't win otherwise in a nation where conservatives and conservative leaning independents outnumber liberal and liberal leaning independents by nearly 3 to 1. White guilt and a sense of affirmative action got Obama elected with no qualifications. He bamboozled his way into the white house. Americans won't be fooled again into making such a great mistake as electing a Democrat into high office. Americans are angry at the president and his party. "democrat" is well on its way to becoming a slur, a pejorative like "liberal". The kind of nasty name to label your political opponent if you want to bury them at the polls. Anyone who wants to run for higher office will automatically disqualify themselves in he eyes of the public if they run as a Democrat. The Democrat party is particularly damaged and a pariah in the eyes of young voters. Being forced to buy health insurance thereby being forced to subsidize others health care costs isn't sitting well. The executive amnesty that legitimizes and legalizes people willing to do the jobs the jobs that young Americans need for peanuts. Driving down lucrative blue collar wages that young Americans need to raise their own families on is not going to go over well. The Democrat party has done a lot of damage to country. They have favored foreigners over the well being of the american population. That alone has sealed their fate. The Democrat party is done.

  • Youth are turning against Democrats

    I work with young people, most all of which strongly supported Obama, now years later, they feel he has hurt there potential for success. Also, most all hate the democrats of all reasons, for ruining their lunch. LOL M. Obama's lunch plan did in fact raise nutrition in school lunches, which would be good if kids ate it. However, kids tell me theirs goes in the trash because its "Nasty". They feel the democrats are control freaks who don't know when to back off and many of these kids will vote in the next election. Their minds are made up, does matter who runs.

  • People are tired of Democrats

    When one party stays around for this long. Making this much of a, splash? Then it is to be assumed, by the past history of elections. That people will be tired of them. Obama has shown himself to be a good for nothing President, in the since that he has done nothing, except pass "Obamacare". Hillary, the Democrats best hope, is losing popularity steadily. Benghazi has ruined some of the reputation. The southern states have seen her in action during her stay in the Arkansas Governor's Mansion and don't want her back. And she's old. Whereas the Republicans have young flashy, popular with women, teens, and college students as well as old Republicans, candidates. Such as: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan (to a certain extent), Brian Sandoval, Scott Walker, etc... The Republicans are looking like Tom Cotton, and the Democrats are looking like Mark Pryor.

  • Obama is failing

    Immigration reform is nothing more than a cloaked process to expand the Democrat base. It has nothing to do with creating due process for immigrant to become citizens.

    Obama care is not a right. The process of creating this law was a corrupt Democrat partisan fraud

    Obama is a fraud.

  • Yes, he will.

    Apparently, Obama will clearly ruin the democrats' chances of retaining the White House in 2016. This is because his approval rating has been steadily declining over the past 6 months and is now at 46%, the same number George W bush had around this time in his second term. Since the republicans did not win the White House due to his unpopularity, if Obama has a 22% approval rating by the time his new term has expired whoever runs under the democrats may have a difficult time retaining the White House.

  • Democrat's chances are good.

    The question is whether or not the President will ruin chances for the democrats in the next election. The answer is no. He is doing a great job and I think their chances for re-election are going to be increased rather than decreased. Put you prejudice's aside and look at what he has accomplished.

    Posted by: JRY
  • Sadly NO because....

    Even though Obama's terms have resulted in doubling the gross overspending he accused Bush of, and if you are in the job market, even with a degree, you will most likely find a gas station job, the health system is in shambles and young voters don't notice this as much as us old folks. One major thing will ensure another democratic victory. We have a liberal press. 90+ % of all news reporting is extremely tilted toward the left. The media refuses to challenge the powers that be,, unless they are a republican. The silliness will continue until our standard of life is reduced to third world status, or until young people and the uninformed question the media.

  • I see decline in unemployment.

    I see declining unemployment figures, rise in economy, and I don't see any evidence behind that supposed "scandals".. I mean, if news media is this desperate, they might as well create a scandal out of Obama kicking a stone on the road, saying "Oh look our president kicked what looks like a cat on the road".

  • He has done everything he can.

    He has done everything he can to save the economy. I would say his measures are succeeding. Unemployment is lowest since 2008, and still declining, we're out of Iraq, and corporations' relentless drive to grab power is at least tried to be kept in check. I feel sad about people blaming Obama for the economy. It, in my opinion, is like people blaming the poor janitor of a school for not cleaning faster (Obama's the janitor), when no one sees how bad of a mess the schoolchildren (Bush) created in the school.

  • Our generation of teens are more liberal.

    Obama was not the best president, yes, but our teens today are much more liberal. They will most likely side with the democrat running in 2016. Teens and young adults make up a good percentage of our population, so it would be no surprise to me if Hillary Clinton won in 2016.

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Nordenkalt444 says2013-05-25T21:39:05.203
Obama had me charged with criminal mischief just because I posted a picture of a gun on facebook, not even God loves him.