• It's better than doing nothing.

    You can argue that criminals don't follow laws. But you must admit, that it won't do any harm. Adding more background checks will not make America less safe. So it is better to do them, and hope it makes it more safe. Than do nothing, and keep the country the same level of dangerous.

  • President Obama's executive actions on guns will make America safer.

    I believe that President Obama's decision to address gun violence is long overdue. I think that his concerns are valid and I applaud his initiatives to correct the nonsense that has been plaguing this country will be effective. I am excited to see a great change when the initiatives are signed into action.

  • President Obama makes 'Murica safer

    How can it not? When a country has had a do not travel warning placed against them should they not re-evaluate their decisions on gun control? Any action on gun control right now that makes it harder for Americans to access guns would make America safer since it appears that there is no control at all. As a citizen of another country I dread having to go to the States for any reason. It is a war torn country and they do not even realize it.

  • No, criminals don't care about following gun laws.

    Although gun violence is a problem in the United States, these executive actions will not put a significant dent in it. Law-abiding citizens who follow the rules simply have more hoops to jump through and more bureaucratic middle-men to answer to. Meanwhile the main drivers of gun violence remain the war on drugs and suicide. Without addressing these issues no meaningful chance will occur.

  • No, guns will still be available on the black market.

    Those who used guns for violence will still be able to gain access to a gun. Someone who is willing to violently kill or injure another human being would not be stopped by a law. There are other means to getting a gun, such as the underground market, or stealing.

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