• Obama to trump Trumps Presidency.

    Barack Obama has been one of the best presidents in our national history. From his ease with the people to the tough stances that he has shown on a world wide stage, his legacy will survive the incoming Presidency, even as it tries to destroy everything that the Obama presidency did for this country. Obama will be known for his camaraderie with every day Americans, preserving and establishing national parks that protect the most beautiful parts of our country and for being at the helm when Osama Bin Laden was killed. Barack Obama will outshine Trump as a president of the people and whose legacy will continue long after Trump is out of office.

  • He has done permanent things.

    There are many things that Obama has done that Trump won't be able to undo. Several social justice initiatives and investigations of the Justice Department are ongoing and have resulted in lasting change in the United States. In addition, Obama has normalized relations with Cuba and changed the U.S.' interaction with the United Nations. These changes are lasting.

  • Yes, Donald Trump's presidency will make his look even better.

    Donald Trump's presidency will remind people how good of a president Obama has been. Trump is horribly unqualified and it will be very damaging to the country, and possibly the world. Americans will look back on Obama as the good president that he was, and will remember how Trump set the country back.

  • It doesn't appear so.

    The Republicans have been so antipathetic towards President Obama that it is unlikely that they will allow a single portion of his legacy to remain intact now that they have such unprecedented political control. They are already making considerable steps to rollback on the Affordable Care Act and it looks as though environmental protection measures and gender equality programs will be the next in line to be overruled.

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