Will President Trump's right-to-life stand affect the availability of abortions?

  • He already has abroad. Potentially here as well.

    If this rule was to be applied to funding here in the united states it would mean that no federal funding would go to a HUGE number of groups unless they change their policies. Not only to planned parenthood, but also not to any groups or organizations that give abortions, but also any organization that 'promotes' abortions in any way (meaning giving out any information at all unless villifying it).

    Under this rule hospitals and clinics could not mention abortion in any case (rape, incest, or life of mother included) or provide any information to patients if asked. Education would likewise not be allowed to provide any information on abortion. No group would even be able to DONATE to a cause that supports abortion or advocate against abortion bans without loss of all federal funds. Even psychologist would need to be leery about providing treatment for those that have had an abortion. That 'promote' clause in there is way too broad, luckily it only pertains to health funding at the moment but that is bad enough.

    This is literally a gag order rule. This is not about just preventing funds from supporting abortion or even abortion providers but against any non negative information about abortion.

  • Trump's right to life stand will affect the availability of abortions

    President Donald Trump's right to life stand will affect the availability of abortions if what he is proposing is in fact approved by Congress. Why what he suggests would only apply at the state level, each individual state will have the final say on whether or not a woman can get an abortion. This issue belongs at the state level.

  • Don't see that happening

    I really do not see President Trump wanting to ostricize women anymore than he already has. If the government made abortions unavailable, riots would break out. The civil strife may not begin immediately, but give something drastic like that a chance to stew in the cultural collective and unrest would spread all across the country.

  • Trumps right to life stand won't affect availability of abortions

    If I understand correctly, Trump's stance is that the federal government will not be paying for abortions either in or outside of the USA. This is not a new stance and abortions will still be available since they will be a necessity for some people. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

  • He has made it clear.

    Trump has already said that his agenda is economic. The Supreme Court has already made it clear that abortion is, and will continue to be, legal in the United States. It's just a fight that Trump isn't willing to have. He has other things that he wants to do with his time and energy.

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