• "Pretty Girls" brings Britney back into the spotlight, helping her stay relevant

    Seeing how Britney Spears is involved in a recent song with Iggy Azalea definitely seems like it is helping Britney Spears stay relevant in the music business. She has been out of the spotlight for the most part for awhile, and this recent release puts her out in the spotlight in a big way. Britney Spears features the classic, big name, while Iggy Azalea features the fresh, rising star aspect. This combination seems ideal and helpful for both stars.

  • Britney's got her confidence back

    Britney Spears is back in action. Her duet performance of "Pretty Girls" with younger, super-popular Iggy Azalea is helping to connect Spears with a new and younger fan base, while also reconnecting her with old fans. What stands out most, however, is Britney's confidence and glow. Contemporary critics are also lending their support by providing mostly positive reviews.

  • Yes, it will bring Britney back to center stage.

    Britney Spears has made her bones in the music industry. Approaching Madonna-level cache, a kind of fame that will last long after she's off the charts, Britney is a voice in the industry that should be respected. She knows the highest highs and the most humiliating lows of the limelight, and this song will keep her name on center stage. It would be almost impossible to dismiss her into obscurity.

  • Pretty Girls will help Britney

    Pretty Girls will help Britney with relevance. Personally, I don't think she needs to work on her relevance. She is a part of pop history. And people listening to her fellow singer are still aware of Britney's music, because she was very popular not that long ago. Nevertheless, for very young viewers Britney will be relevant.

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